Top 10 Hunting Dogs Breeds You Should Know

Hunting Dogs

No doubt hunting has been there since the development of mankind, and when it comes to hunting, then the dogs are the best human partners. It is believed that dogs and humans have been doing hunting together since the development of mankind and the beginning of the dogs’ domestication. Hunting has been a fundamental part of survival for humans and dogs since their creation. However, later on, hunting became the best sport for humans than a way of life. Do you know about hunting dogs? These dogs are the human’s development, which is trained to prey. Yes, we humans have been developing dogs into specific breeds with specialized traits. The best thing is today’s developed purebred hunting dogs are now the part of the AKC sporting group or the hound group.

Well, the most common hunting dogs which are known for their special traits are scent hounds or the gun dogs. But what makes gun dogs and hounds different?

Gun Dogs:

These dogs are famous for hunting birds, and that is why they are also known as bird dogs. They are likely to prey small animals like rabbits, etc. Gun dogs are the best to locate prey and help the hunters in shooting a prey out. Once the gun dogs become successful in doing so, then they retrieve the fallen prey.

Scent Hounds:

These dogs are known for preying with their noises. Yes, a scent hound follows the prey with his noise and then makes a loud noise while running after their prey. However, that enables the hunter to track the path to the prey. Some scent dogs fall under the category of “running dogs” who aim to chase the prey, while some fall under “treeing dogs,” who love to hunt their prey upon a tree.

What Hunting Skills Are Needed To Be The Best Hunter Dog?

Now the question is, what makes these hunting dogs the best in their kinds? Well, here are some essential skills that a hunter dog should possess to be the best at hunting.

  • Strong ability to prey drive.
  • High receptiveness to training.
  • Fortitude and flexibility.

However, there are dozens of hunting dog breeds found today, and what makes all different from each other is the traits and specifications they possess. No, it is not necessary for a hunting dog to be a purebred dog. So today we are going to discuss the best 10 hunting dogs breed you need to know.

  1. Labrador Retriever:

The number one in the hunting dogs from the category of gun dogs is Labrador Retriever. This breed is best known for its excellent energy level, loyalty, and the stamina to withstand cold temperature. Yes, Labrador Retriever can swim easily even through cold water. These dogs are best known for duck hunting. Do you know what? Labrador Retriever is the best family dog and love to enjoy great companionship.

  1. Golden Retriever:

Another popular gun dog breed is Golden Retriever. These dogs are cute, energetic, and known for their astonishing ability to hunt birds and small prey. Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty, enthusiastic, and ability to learn. If you are looking for the beautiful family companions, then Golden Retrievers are what you need.

  1. American Foxhound:

The next at our list is American Foxhound. This breed is one of its kind, and has been known for preying deer and foxes. Yes, these dogs are from scent hound breed, and thrives on the prey chase. It is a breed from English Foxhounds, and in the past were used to hunt foxes. Still, they are considered as the best dogs to prey deer and foxes, but there are also legal restrictions with such types of hunting; and that varies from location to location.

  1. Beagle:

Here comes Beagle, which is also from the best-hunting dogs. It is a scent hound which with clear, loud noise and the beautiful noise. These dogs are used to prey small animals, like rabbits, but no doubt these make the perfect companionship with friendly families.

  1. English Springer Spaniel:

These dogs are known for preying birds, and they love to chase pheasant. Yes, their amazing preying skills make them the best and parallel to Goldens, and Labradors. However, English springer spaniel is a small breed, and so easily prey even by navigating small spaces. These are also excellent family dogs so that you can have them.

  1. Pointer:

The pointer dogs are the bird dogs, and these are also called as ‘English Pointer dogs.” They possess a strong spirit and are very active. They like to prey animals like pheasants and quail. The peculiar trait of this breed is it is very much heat tolerant and therefore consider as the best for hot, humid South. Another excellent quality of Pointer dogs is these whether on the hunt or at home, make the best companionship.

  1. Bluetick Coonhound:

Here come the high-energy Bluetick Coonhounds, which are known for their high energy to prey on wild animals like a cougar and the mountain lions. They keep the loud vocals and bless with the beautiful noses. However, this breed is rooted back to the French Bleu de Gascogne hound, and also the English Foxhound. If you want to know the similar breeds like Bluetick Coonhound, then Redbone Coonhound and Black and Tan Coonhound are in the list.

  1. Chesapeake Bay Retriever:

This breed is exceptionally deterministic, and possess high-energy. They are quite obedient to their owners; however, like Lab, they are not necessarily good with humans. But they are similar to Lab due to their ability to survive cold temperatures. Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the best breed known for its loyalty and activeness.

  1. English Setter:

Here comes the beautiful English Setter, who is a gun dog, and so known for its amazing skills, like running, hunting and retrieving. These traits help them to be the best bird hunters. However, the two most popular categories of English Setter are:

The difference is field dogs are quite small, and contain light feathers as compare to conformation, which are the best dogs to prey the big animals, and have longer feathers.

  1. Irish Setter:

The last one, for now, is the Irish Setter who is also a gun dog and greatly known for its amazingly attractive read coat. This breed is active, and possess great qualities when it comes to the best-hunting dogs. No doubt, Irish Setter looks innocent in look, but they are the toughest dogs when it comes to prey. They are extremely hard-working and also makes good companionship with all types of families.