Reasons and Causes of Your Sad Dog

Sad Dog - Dog Depression

Do you know dogs also get depressed? What are the causes of dog depression? What actually makes a dog a sad dog? Well, no doubt like humans, animals don’t have the feelings the way humans keep, but that doesn’t mean they cannot feel pain or depression. Dogs also suffer from depression and sadness, but the critical point is what makes your puppy a sad dog!

Here are some symptoms that can help you find out whether your puppy is suffering from dog depression or not.

  • Dog often appears sad and lack of energy.
  • Doesn’t overeat, and so drink less.
  • Suddenly loss of interest in activities, and feeling sick.

Remember, dog depression is a chronic condition and is dangerous, just like the way it is for humans. It is also considered a mental illness. So, continue reading this article, and we will help you know the causes of dog depression.

The Main Causes of Dog Depression

Here is a list of causes that can trigger the state of depression among dogs. However, being a dog owner, it is solely your responsibility to take care of your friend by listening to the words he cannot say to anyone, not even to you!

Maybe your dog is suffering from severe physical illness or pain, which is making him sick and depressed day-by-day. When you feel a sudden change in dog’s behavior, then without wasting a minute you should contact the veteran. This is the first and the best thing that you can do for your dog. If a vet finds illness, then you should go for your dog’s treatment. Physical illness is considered as the first reason that can make your fun dog a depressed or sad dog.

The next cause could be grief. Dog mourns on the loss of their friends; animals, and humans just like us. Maybe the death of neighbor’s dog is making him sad because he was used to playing and enjoying with that dog. Perhaps a child in the house has moved out who has been there for years. Or maybe the dog is missing someone’s company. It is vital to listen to the untold words of your dog so that you can better help him to be back in the normal condition again.

Typically environmental change could be a main reason for dog depression. Maybe moving to some new place is making him depressed. Or perhaps the only reason is severe weather changes which is affecting your happy dog. However, you can explain the exact reasons, dogs take time to get in the happy mood back, maybe after the weather gets adjusted.

A dog can fear too, maybe something is bothering your dog and making him a sad dog. Most dogs don’t show that they are feared and try to hide this feeling because they feel it can make them vulnerable. However, due to fear, they start showing interest in playing and doing fun activities just to protect themselves and always try to hide somewhere.

Hey, are you suffering from depression? Remember, your condition has a direct effect on your pet. If you have low-energy, then it will transfer into your dog, and he would feel the same. Maybe your separation from him is making him sad.

Sometimes it becomes challenging to find the root cause of dog depression. This can be the toughest time for both dog and owner. But don’t worry, your dog will be alright if something is not severe.

How To Deal With Dog Depression?

So above, we have discussed some of the cause of dog depression, now the point is how to deal with dog depression? How to help your sad dog to be happy again? We will share some tips that can help you get your happy dog back.

Let’s start!

  • Try To Increase Activity:

Lack of energy and healthy activities are some of the clues that your dog is not well. Yes, you need to help him to get his happy life again. You can do this by addressing his illness or a health problem that is making him slow and sick. You can help him by increasing his physical activities. Yes, exercise with your dog will help you to get your frisky dog again.

You need to engage your pup in the fun activities, which your dog loved to do before his condition, like, fun tricks, Frisbee, and playing with water. It can be anything that can make your dog feel happy. The owner should have to take some time to make a bond with the dog stronger. Let your beautiful and jolly dog play with the other ones.

Maybe all the problem is due to your attention. Maybe your dog is upset because you are neglecting him. In this condition, you need to comfort your dog, spend more time coddle him. The best way is to set a schedule in which you will spend time with your dog every day at the same time. By doing this, you cannot only help him to get to a happy life, but it will also boost his confidence and give them a sense of security.

Maybe it is the right time to get a new companion at the home because your dog is badly missing someone else’s presence. This could be the main reason for his depression. But remember this could worsen the condition if your dog doesn’t look for the new dog. So be careful because taking any step.

However, if none of the above tips are working, then maybe you need to consult with the vet. Yeah, an expert can help to heal the condition of your pup. Medications are sometimes thought as the last option; however, don’t wait for long.


You may be thinking that depression is not a big problem; everyone suffers from it. But listen, it can be perilous even if it is for a short time, and so the things could get worst. It is essential to help your dog getting out of depression.