Impressive and Unusual Dust Car Art

unusual and interestin art 2

To most people dust is just dirt but to some artists it’s a tempting canvas to create art.

Let’s see how artists all over the world transform with their magical hands the unwanted dust into impressive piece of art.

1. Dirty car art by Rafael Veyisov-Baku, Azerbaijan

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Rafael Veyisov is a parking lot attendant but he found a way to make his common job fun, productive and creative. Using only his fingers and hands he turns dirty dust into intriguing landscapes, animals and cities.

unusual and interestin art
Albert Einstain

Scott Wade is a graphic designer, but he became popular for his inimitable works of art on the dirty car’s windows.

His drawings can take a few minutes or as long as 6 hours to complete.

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Polar Bears

unusual and interestin art 5

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unusual and interestin art 4
Renoir’s Luncheon Of The Boating Party painting

unusual and interesting art 9

American Gothic, the famous painting by American master Grant Wood

unusual and interestin art 7

Pippa Middleton’s famous bottom from her sister Kate’s royal wedding to Prince William

unusual and interestin art 8

Laurel & Hardy

unusual and interesting art 10
Mona Lisa/Starry Night

unusual and interesting art 11
From the famous painting by C.M. Coolidge

unusual and interesting art 13
Girl With A Pearl Earring, the famous Vermeer’s painting

unusual and interesting art 12
From Waterhouse’s romantic painting

3. Dust car art by Alexei Valetov-Tatarstan

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Scott Wade’s dust paintings inspired the 34 year old Alexei Valetov. Alexei is a driver of a van, he delivers bread and in his spare time he turns the dust from his truck into beautiful paintings. It takes him only 10 to 30 minutes to create them and gives him a great pleasure, especially when he receives the positive reaction of people. He feels very proud when people are coming close to admire his paintings and take photos of them.

3. Dust art by Ben Long-London

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The 35-year-old British artist Ben Long studied Art and Design at the Camberwell College of London. He had little financial backing so he had to find a cheap way to express his creativity and dust gave him the opportunity to create masterpieces by using only one finger.

He calls his project ‘The Great Travelling Art Exhibition’, and his mobile canvases travel all over the UK on freight vehicles.

5. Dust car art by Mr Konjusha, London

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It takes only five minutes to the 22 year old Mr Konjusha from east London to transform dust into beautiful paintings. At the beginning his reword was just the smile on the driver’s faces but soon his fame spread among drivers.

Drivers now prefer to let their car unwashed in order to save money and get a creative picture in their dirty windows.

Could you ever imagine dust and dirt could be so lovely?

Now you a great excuse to let your car dirty…you may inspire artists to create a piece of art!


via: dirtycarart, bbc