5 Chunky Sneakers for Women You Can Buy in 2019

Nearing the end of 2019, what are the chunky sneakers women love to wear? Finding a perfect pair can be quite a challenge, especially when most sneakers are more for men’s sizes. Another marketing cliché here is that women are often offered glittery, pink sneakers, when in fact women may want other colours too.

Without further ado, here are the five (5) examples of chunky sneakers for women you can still buy in 2019. No worries, they are still a trend today:

1. GmbH x ASICS Kayano.

These chunky sneakers are inspired by the 90’s style of dad sneakers. First appear in Paris Fashion Week, GmbH has already won many hearts. The leather sole is chunkier, with GEL heel and synthetic upper and mesh.

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21 Sexy Wedding Dresses for Confident Brides-to-Be

Are you getting married and looking for the perfect dress? Then you are in the right place. There are so many different wedding dresses available that it can be very difficult finding a dress that you love and that suits your individual style. To give you some inspiration, we have found 21 sexy wedding dresses for 2019. We have something for everyone, from sheer dresses to gowns with classic white lace. Take a look, you may find a beautiful dress for your special day.

1. Sexy Wedding Dress with Lace Back

The first wedding dress we have to show you is this beautiful floor sweeping gown. This dress has a lace feature on the back as well as lace on the skirt. A gown like this will make any bride look gorgeous on her big day. Consider wearing your hair in an updo with a dress like this to show off the lace at the back.

Sexy Wedding Dress with Lace Back
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2020 Dodge Durango Pursuit Review: Driving a Police Car Will Teach You a Lot About People

If understanding someone requires walking a mile in their shoes, what can you learn from driving 400 miles in their car? More than you might think—and we're not talking about personal hygiene or deferred maintenance. It only took a few hours behind the wheel of the 2020 Dodge Durango Pursuit, a civvy Durango dressed for agency-agnostic police duty, to see that the roads are a completely different place on the other side of the badge.

Among the many insane things Fiat-Chrysler does is loan out examples of their police vehicles for review, which is how we ended up driving one around Indianapolis for a week this fall. The prospect of using a cop car as a daily driver sounded cool at first even if the lights and sirens were off-limits on public roads. But the total experience is far more complex than having cool gadgets or spooking speeders. Driving an SUV that looks like it genuinely belongs in a police department can be hila...

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Family Photography | How To Take Stunning Family Portraits

Family photography dates back to the first appearance of cameras. People want to immortalize their families and relatives for posterity, for record purpose, to create a keepsake, a token of love hanging in the home.

‘The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.’

Andy Warhol

Your goal and responsibility, as a photographer, is to show the bond, the uniqueness of each family and freeze it in time.

With essential tips and suggestions to create good family photos, this article will help both professional photographers and their clients to get the most out of a family photography session.

How to Prepare for a Family Photography Session

From choosing a location to right outfits, a lot should happen before you start clicking the shutter button.

Let’s go through the preparations…

Get to Know the...

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I Teach English in a Chinese Kindergarten and Found We Actually Have a Lot to Learn From Them

Hi! My name is Anna and I’ve been living in the Chinese province of Shanxi for 2 years already. I teach English here in a local kindergarten. Every day, my 2 sons, who also attend this kindergarten, have to face some unusual rules and traditions.

I am going to tell Bright Side readers what kids’ experiences in kindergarten are like in China. It’s often very hard for them to be here because China is a country that is entrenched in strict discipline, and sometimes they even have to hide under their beds in class.

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16 Smart Ways to Use a Document Camera in Science Class

Many teachers we know say that the document camera is their favorite piece of classroom hardware. Why? Because document cameras make it easy to show everything from writing samples to specimens up close. Plus, today’s document cameras also take pictures, record video, and more. We call that a win for teachers and visual learners. They’re also the perfect go-to for science class. Here are some great ideas, courtesy of real educators, featuring document cameras that you can use to step up your science curriculum game.

1. Model how to set up science notebooks.


SOURCE: California Aca...

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Top 10 Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro

From all holidays in the sun, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil might be the one with the most activities to partake in. With its vibrant nightlife, iconic attractions and one of the seven wonders of the world, the city, which was once the capital of Brazil, has a lot to offer travelers from all different tastes.

1) Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow)

Designed by the neo-futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava, the applied science museum aims to create an open dialogue about the next 50 years. It takes in consideration all of man’s alteration of the world in its primary state while emphasizing ethical values and shining light on issues that need our urgent attention. Aside from the expositions available, the museum also host...

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Sculptures Made of Recycled Flipflops

Recycled art in Kenya made of Flipflops 17
These colorful toys and animal shaped masterpieces are made from 100% recycled flipflops!

Ocean Sole, an organization in Kenya, that cares about the ocean, its ecosystems and marine wildlife found a creative and productive way to save the coastline from pollution. 

Recycled art in Kenya made of Flipflops 3
Sounds strange but thousands of flipflops that are washed up in waterways of Kenya put in real danger the...

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Baby Kittens: What You Need to Know?

Baby Kittens

As a cat parent it is important for you to understand the growth process of baby kittens. You should know how to identify the age of kitten because there are various important transitions that have to be made between 0 to 8th week of a baby kitten. Here we have everything you need to know.

In this article, I’m going to talk all about the biological development of young kittens and how to determine your kitten’s age.

1. Newborn Kittens (0 Week)

At this stage you have a newborn kittens in your hands, they are very cute and vulnerable because they can easily get sick if you will not take proper care of them. It’s important to know that they can’t thermo regulate and need to be kept very warm at this age; they also don’t have a...

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23 Most Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

If you really want a new tattoo but just can’t find the perfect design idea, then we may be able to help! Today we want to share 23 stunning sun and moon tattoo ideas. Not only do these tattoos look amazing, but the sun and moon can also be symbols of the circle of life, strength, unity and more. So, they have a positive message too! There is a tattoo for everyone, from unique designs to bold body art and there are even some tiny tattoos for those who prefer subtler ink. So, what are you waiting for?! Take a look, find a cool tattoo and book your tattoo appointment.

1. Small Finger Tattoo

The first tattoo that we have to show you is so cute and trendy. Here we have a small moon, sun and star design that is tattooed on the inside of the finger. A tattoo like this perfect for someone who wants a small and subtle design. You can recreate this or just choose a sun and moon without the star.

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