40 Frosty Fun DIY Snowglobe Ideas

Hey! Want a fun, winter-themed DIY? Well, we’ve got the perfect one for you – snow globes!

What we think is the very best thing about DIY-ing snow globes, they are a terrific beginner DIY project. Both kids & adults can make them. You can DIY both fancy snow globes, and more simple ones too.

Snow globes are great to DIY with family photos. They make lovely holiday or housewarming gifts too. Because this is something that people will enjoy looking at & showing off every winter season in their home, and they’ll also look forward to seeing it if you put a special photo in it too that means something to them.

You can DIY snow globes with lots of different types of items, whether glass or plastic. Mason jars and mason jar lids are ideal items. Don’t overlook things you’ve found at tag sales, which could be just perfect for your snow globes, whether to go inside of them, or to be the outside of the snow globe.

This is a fun project that most often doesn’t take very long to DIY. If you are making them with kids, keep in mind the new trend is to make “dry” snow globes (no water or glycerin in them), which makes things so much easier if they happen to fall and spill open.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!!!

Laminated Photo Snowglobe Ornaments

So charming! Perfect as a gift for the holidays.

From CraftyMorning 

Snow Globe Winter Landscape Necklace

Isn’t this charming? Its a necklace!

From Etsy.com by VillaSorgenfrei 

Here’s How to Turn Dollar Store Fishbowls Into the Cutest Christmas Decoration

Want to make a unique and fun snowglobe? For this, you need 3 fishbowls.

From GoodHousekeeping 

Custom Wedding Gift Snowglobes

The perfect way to remember a proposal. Especially ideal for a winter proposal or one on a beach.

From Etsy.com by SnowDayProject 

How to Make Vintage Inspired Bottle Brush Ornaments

So charming! Snow globes you hang on your Christmas tree.

From LittleHouseOfFour 

Wooden Handmade Snow Globe

So adorable! Perfect to celebrate the snowy season.

From Etsy.com by FireFeatherDesign 

DIY Snowglobe Mason Jar Craft

So charming. This is a winter DIY.

From AbbikirstenCollections

Personalised Polar Bear Snow Globe

Isn’t this sweet? It’s the perfect snow globe.

From Etsy.com by SpecialOccasionGShop

Target’s New Holiday Lights Have A Snow-Globe Scene Inside Each Bulb

Love snowglobes? Take a look at these fun holiday lights.

From GoodHousekeeping 

Snowman and deer water globe

Perfect for winter. A snow globe you’ll love to decorate with.

From Etsy.com by LittleEmpireHomeware 


Very sweet. Here is a simple DIY.

From PetticoatJunktion 

Mason Jar Dry Snow Globe Red Pickup Truck

This is a real 2019 new Christmas classic theme, with the red pickup truck and the Christmas trees! A dry snow globe too.

From Etsy.com by CottonRidgeEmporium 

DIY Mason Jar Snowglobe

Elegant and charming. A fun DIY to do.

From ClassyClutter

Enchanted forest snow globe

Yes, this really is enchanted! The perfect snow globe.

From Etsy.com by LittleEmpireHomeware 

DIY Wine Glass Snow Globe

Have wine glasses? You can make snow globes.

From UnicornDreaming 

Wooden Handmade Snow Globe

If you love the rustic look, this snow globe is for you. Its simply perfect.

From Etsy.com by FireFeatherDesign


Perfect for a party. DIY a couple of these for a centerpiece.

From WhatsUpWithTheBuells 

Snow Globe – Kissing floxes under a Christmas moon

So charming! An adorable snow globe.

From Etsy.com by ARTMINSTER 

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes Tutorial

Perfect for gifts. DIY these!

From CreativeCynchronicity 

2 Sparkly Snow Globe digital backdrops

Here is a very unique snow globe. Your photo as 3D, and playing with a polar bear too!

From Etsy.com by SamsDreamThemes

How To: Make a Homemade Snow Globe

Want to DIY one with a family photo? Here’s one to try!

From OurBestBites 

DIY Snow Globe – The Easy Way!

Here is a fun, simple snow globe. Try this DIY project.

From MessyLittleMonster

do-it-yourself: snow domes – a tutorial

So charming! A woodsy scene in a DIY snow globe.

From ArtsyAnts

DIY Waterless Snowglobes – Thrifty Style Team

Very unique. DIY waterless snowglobes.

From 2BeesInAPod 

Thrifted Glass Cloche Turned Vintage Snow Globe

So charming! A snow globe you can DIY.

From LittleHouseOfFour


So charming! Try this DIY.

From GretasDay

Festive Llama Snow Globe

Yes, llamas are super popular right now! This is a very happy snow globe.

From Etsy.com by Postbox Party

Festive DIY Fun: Transform Old Mason Jars Into Snow Globes

Adorable snowglobes. DIY these for winter.

From Cleverly 

Penguin Christmas mason jar

What a sweet snow globe. It has penguins in it.

From Etsy.com by Jarsby Julz 


You can make these with mason jar lids. Adorable!

From SmartSchoolHouse

Wine Glass Snow Globe

This has a candle on the top. It’s perfect for a table centerpiece.

From Etsy.com by MacAndyShop


Have a gumball machine? DIY this fun snowglobe!

From PetticoatJunktion 

source: https://bigdiyideas.com/