15 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off Princess Diana's Engagement Ring

Image: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

kate middleton princess diana ring
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When it comes to engagement rings, we all want them to be special. Whether they have engravings, specific gems, or pure gold, everyone has their preference! No ring, however, seems to top the one Princess Diana had. Prince Charles proposed to her in 1981, and Diana got to choose the ring herself! A 12-carat sapphire with 14 diamonds around the center stone -- who could ask for more? Although Princess Diana is no longer with us, it's great to see that her spirit still lives on when it comes to her taste in jewelry. There's only one royal who would have been fit for that ring, and that's Kate Middleton. Plus, it's no secret that the Duchess of Cambridge loves to show it off.

We love how Prince William clearly saw the value and beauty in his mother's ring -- so much so that he presented it onto Kate Middleton when he proposed back in 2010! Since then, she's worn it everywhere -- and we mean everywhere. We can't really name one picture where she's not rocking that rock. With such a legacy laced into it (in addition to how sweet Prince Harry was to give it to his brother) who wouldn't be wearing it 24/7? That's why we've compiled all the up-close money shots of where she's seriously flaunting it.

Speaking of money, did we mention how much the ring is worth? When Prince Charles bought it in 1981, it was worth around $37,000. Allegedly, because of its sentimental value (now worn by two royals) it's now worth about $500,000. That's half a million dollars, in case we weren't clear. Needless to say, Kate wears it well!

source: https://www.cafemom.com